Therefore™ Product Life Cycle


Therefore Corporation is dedicated to bringing you up to date, stable software, regularly released new features, and great support. By keeping your maintenance up to date, you can guarantee access to our expert technical support, product updates, hotfixes and new features.


Maintenance for Therefore™ software is included in your Canon  Software Support (CSS) contract. This is valid for on-premises installations of Therefore™. CSS is bundled with Therefore™ Online subscriptions.


What’s included with Therefore™ maintenance?

  • Support from Canon and Therefore™.
  • Access to the latest product version, help with a product upgrade, assistance in finding workarounds, and access to bugfixes for supported Therefore™ versions.


What is the Therefore™ product lifecycle?

  • Therefore™ software has an annual release which includes several new features. This release is named by year, for example Therefore™ 2022, Therefore™ 2023, etc.
  • A minor release known as a Service Pack may be optionally released later in the year which contains a few minor features and enhancements.
  • Therefore™ will always release hotfixes for resolving bugs as and when necessary. Cumulative bug fixes, known as Update Rollups, will be released regularly and contain all previous bug fixes for that version.


What software versions of Therefore™ are supported?

  • Mainstream support is provided for product versions for 12 months after the release of the next product version.
  • Extended support is provided for another 12 months thereafter.

For example, customers using Therefore™ 2022 have mainstream support until 2024, and extended support until 2025.


Customers with valid CSS will always receive support to upgrade to a newer product version. Customers with expired CSS who wish to renew their contracts must backpay for all missed CSS.