Save & Secure

Save & Secure

Ensuring your information is secure is a core tenant of Therefore™ software.

We offer multiple features to ensure your information is always secure unauthorized access, and correctly backed up and fully auditable.

Electronic Signature: When documents are saved to Therefore™, it's signed with a digital signature which is verified every time the document is retrieved to ensure its authenticity.

Electronic Signatures from third party software can also be added for additional security

Documents are moved to primary & backup storage – they are never kept in the database. Configuration of storage devices and storage policies is easy and quick. Migration schedules can be defined to move documents to devices.

System Permissions make sure only authorized users have access to the system. Attribute-based access control lets users have attributes or roles that define their permissions. Administrators can now define roles like Reader, Contributor, Owner, or a custom role, and select which permissions each role has. Users are then assigned to a role so there’s no need to configure permissions on an individual level. This allows for granular permission control and ease of management in complex security environments.

Security extends beyond the office. With our mobile app and web access, employees can continue to access their business documents and process their workflows in complete security, without the need to save paper documents locally or save them outside the network.

Therefore™ supports single sign-on for Windows Active Directory, Windows Local Security and LDAP/SAMBA. In addition, Therefore supports authentication via OKTA, Open ID, Azure Active Directory, and One Login.

Therefore™ Audit trail provides a complete report on all actions performed, such as saving or deleting documents and processing workflows. And, it’s also possible to create detailed reports on workflows to further analyze work habits.

Our software is regularly tested and aligned with industry-accepted security standards such as OWASP, NIST and OSSTMM.

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