Take control of your business!

Are slow, paper-based processes slowing your business down? Do you want to automate the administrative work of your company so you can focus on growth and your core business? If so, Therefore™ is the ideal solution for you!


We get it. It’s tough to be a small or medium-sized enterprise in today’s global economy. Fierce competition and the ever-increasing role technology plays in the marketplace can make it difficult to stay afloat. But what if there were a way to combat the challenges faced by SMBs – the true, honest backbone of all economies?


Large enterprises are increasingly relying on technology to automate away the minutiae of doing business so they can focus on growth and expansion. Therefore™ information management software offers SMBs the ideal tools to do the same! Take advantage of the digital transformation by streamlining the way your business operates and automating processes to make your information work for you. More importantly, Therefore™ software allows you to easily expand your system to keep up with your commercial growth. Therefore’s flexible scalability means your system can easily accompany your organization as you grow while maintaining the security, traceability, and reliability of your information.

Tag documents with index data to make searching and retrieving a breeze.

Stop searching, start finding!

Therefore™ software offers a lot of value for businesses of all sizes. Besides an uncomplicated setup and intuitive, user-friendly applications, Therefore™ affords SMBs the following benefits:

  • Quickly save documents and critical business information into a logical, organized system.
  • Find any document you need in seconds.
  • Increase efficiency so you can focus on your core business.
  • Gain traceability and relieve administrative burdens.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Avoid missing revenue opportunities caused by slow reactivity.

Organize your information into logical groupings using folders and categories.

Key features of Therefore™ for SMBs

Central Repository

Store your documents into a central repository, regardless of their source or format.

Automatic Linking

Automatically link records to gain traceability and improve organization.

Easy Access

Retrieve your files in seconds using full text search or keywords.

Version Control

Track the changes you make to documents with automatic version control.


Access your documents from your smart phone or via the web.


Automatically collect emails from certain email addresses like, '' to be sure you don’t miss anything and aren’t depending on personal email accounts.

Web Forms

Use web forms to easily gather claims or satisfaction surveys from your customers.


Keep an eye on the performance of your business with reporting and real-time analytics.