Welcome to Therefore™ Go

How does Therefore™ Go work?

Therefore™ Go is a client app that connects to your Therefore™ Server to retrieve the data you have stored there. Simply enter your server connection credentials, then your username and password, to access the system.

But I don’t have a Therefore™ Server…

Therefore™ Go needs to connect to a Therefore™ Server to retrieve data. This means your organization needs to have a properly configured Therefore™ system. The app won’t work if you don’t have a server you can connect to.

How can I get a Therefore™ system?

Therefore™ is a great solution for organizations of all sizes looking for a powerful information management solution! Therefore™ is sold exclusively through our commercial partner, Canon. To learn more about the software or purchasing options, get in touch with your local Canon office or contact us directly on our website.

I want to learn more about Therefore™!

Go to www.therefore.net to learn more about Therefore™ solutions, and check out our blog for all the latest news on information management, market trends, and many other interesting and informative topics!