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Microsoft Teams App

October, 26 by  |  Allgemein

The Therefore™ integration with Microsoft Teams is now officially available in the Microsoft App Store. Here is the link to AppSource: What is it? This app allows users to receive notifications and interact with Therefore™ workflows through Microsoft Teams. While the app is free to download, a...

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Disaster Recovery Planning

September, 23 by  |  Allgemein

Disasters happen – and some are unavoidable. So, what can we do to make sure that our company assets will be safe? In this article, we will cover 4 main topics: What is disaster recovery? Planning Theory and Implementation Disaster Recovery with Therefore™ Customer Story What is...

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Therefore™ for Email Management

August, 23 by  |  Allgemein

Therefore™ makes your emails more secure, traceable, and accessible. Emails can be better connected to the information flowing throughout your organization, helping you improve customer service, accelerate turnaround, and reduce errors. Your email is full of valuable information that, without an IM solution in place, can...

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How Many File Extensions Are There?

August, 12 by  |  Allgemein

A file extension is a dot follow by 2-4 characters that follow a file name. Examples of file extensions: .mp3 .docx .ai A file extension is a type of metadata used by the computer to tell it something about the file, like what icon to display by...

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What is Information Management?

August, 02 by  |  Allgemein

Information Management can make or break your organization. In business, being able to manage information as an asset is necessary to keep up with strong competition. When information is not being managed, it cannot be seen, let alone used. Information Management in professional settings generally points...

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Therefore™ Wins DataMaster awards for Best HR Solution and Outstanding ECM Solution

July, 08 by  |  Announcements, Press Releases, Technology Spotlight

Time to celebrate! Therefore™ has won two awards by DataMaster Lab, an independent French test lab for office machines and software solutions. Therefore™ solutions underwent a thorough analysis which included hands-on testing over the course of several days by DataMaster consultants trained on evaluating ECM solutions. The...

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Coming Soon: Therefore™ 2022

March, 22 by  |  Announcements, Events, Webinars

The next version of Therefore™ will be arriving soon! Join us on our launch webinar to learn all about the new features that will be released with Therefore™ 2022. We will cover: General performance enhancements Changes to Therefore™ Smart Capture Changes to Therefore™ Dynamic Web View ...

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Log4J Vulnerability – Therefore™ Unaffected

December, 14 by  |  Announcements, Events, Webinars

Therefore™ Statement on Log4J Vulnerability   Context: In mid-December 2021, a security vulnerability in the Log4J Java library was made public (CVE-2021-44228). This vulnerability in the Java logging libraries can allow unauthorized remote code execution and access to affected, unpatched servers.   Statement: Neither Therefore™ Online nor Therefore™ On-Premise are affected...

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Featured: Charline LeMarchand on the Advantages of Electronic Invoicing

September, 22 by  |  Announcements, Events, Webinars

Don't wait until 2024-2026 to take advantage of the benefits of electronic invoicing! Charline LeMarchand, Business Development Manager for Therefore, speaks to about electronic invoicing. The full article in French is available here. An unofficial translation of the interview with Charline is available below.   Although electronic invoicing...

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Therefore™ 2021 Launch

July, 07 by  |  Announcements, Events, Webinars

Therefore™ 2021 is finally here! This new version of Therefore™ includes many exciting features that help you connect with more services and make the most of your information.   Therefore™ Smart Capture Therefore™ Smart Capture is a cloud-based solution to simplify your invoice handling. Automatically pull information from any...

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New Webinar: Therefore™ 2021

June, 28 by  |  Announcements, Events, Webinars

The next version of Therefore™ will be arriving soon! Join us on this webinar to learn all about the new features that will be released with Therefore™ 2021. We will cover: Therefore™ Smart Capture Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Expanded eSignature Support Improvements to...

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Happy Holidays!

December, 23 by  |  Announcements

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!   Wishing you and your families all the best for the holidays and 2021. Stay tuned for more webinars, new releases, and lots of great content in 2021!...

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We’re Hiring!

December, 03 by  |  Announcements

Join our  Team! We are hiring in several departments, including a technical writer, QA, and development. Go to to see all open positions and learn more about our great work culture, and to apply directly!   Apply today, and maybe YOU can start 2021 with the best...

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New eLearning Platform

August, 18 by  |  Announcements, Therefore Activities

The Therefore eLearning Platform has been updated! Therefore's eLearning courses have moved to a new platform. The following 2020 courses are now open for registration: Therefore 2020 Refresher Training Therefore 2020 Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Technical Training   You can get to the eLearning through your Therefore Extranet account*....

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Therefore™ 2020 Launch

August, 10 by  |  Announcements, Events, Webinars

Therefore™ 2020 is finally here! This new version of Therefore™ includes many exciting features that boost security, innovation, and user experience.   New Security Concept Role Based Access Control The introduction of attribute-based access control lets users have attributes or roles that define their permissions. Users are then assigned to...

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New Datacenter: India

April, 29 by  |  Announcements, Press Releases

We are proud to announce the opening of our new Therefore Online datacenter, hosted on Microsoft Azure for our customers in India. The primary datacenter is in South India (Chennai) with the secondary datacenter in Central India (Pune). This affords our customers the security of...

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New Webinar: Mobility with Therefore™

April, 13 by  |  Announcements, Webinars

Update: The presentation has now been updated under Presentations in the Extranet. Mobility is the key to unlocking the potential of today's global, agile workforce! Join us on this product-focused webinar to see how Therefore™ gives you the tools to achieve more, regardless of your location. We'll...

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COVID-19: Status Update

March, 17 by  |  Announcements

Dear Customers and Partners,   We would like to give you an update on the status of Therefore at this time and our plan for the next few weeks. We remain highly dedicated to ensuring high-performance operations and services to our partners and customers. As part of...

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New Webinar: Therefore™ E-Forms

August, 30 by  |  Information Management

E-Forms are the hottest new feature in Therefore™! Join us on this webinar to get an in-depth explanation on designing, publishing, and using E-Forms in Therefore™. We'll be covering: Importing E-Forms Creating and Configuring E-Forms Mapping E-Forms to Categories And more details! Register for one of the...

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Therefore™ 2019 Launch

July, 15 by  |  Information Management

We are happy to announce that Therefore™ 2019 is being released today. This new release includes many highly awaited features including: More Authentication Methods: It’s now possible to create a single single-on experience by integrating open standards based on JWT token, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID...

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Therefore™ 2018 Launch

June, 06 by  |  Information Management

Multi-language repository With Therefore™ 2017, we started the transition to making the repository multi-lingual. Therefore™ 2018 completes the circle! Now you can translate folders, keywords, and even workflow processes to make your repository fully multi-lingual. Enjoy real global collaboration across language barriers!   Collaboration and communication in the...

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What the GDPR Means for You!

May, 02 by  |  Information Management, Webinars

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is new regulation designed to align privacy laws throughout the European Union and protect the personal data of its residents at home and abroad. As a globally active organization, Therefore Corporation welcomes the new regulation as a step in...

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Transforming the HR Onboarding Process

April, 25 by  |  Department Solutions, Webinars

Productive and engaged employees are the heart of a successful company. Effective human resource management leads to higher personnel retention rates, a more productive workforce, and higher levels of employee engagement. Achieving these objectives, however, requires surmounting a field of challenges: Budgets and staff counts...

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Let your information work for you

6 Benefits of a Digital Repository

April, 18 by  |  Information Management

When making decisions about whether to digitize your company’s information, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of features and functionality and lose sight of the core reasons why you should consider information management software in the first place. So without further ado, here are...

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Therefore News & Blog is Coming Soon!

March, 02 by  |  Announcements

We're excited to announce that we'll be launching a new section on our website in the coming weeks! Therefore News & Blog will be your one stop destination for the latest news and information about Therefore™ and information management. Here you can stay up-to-date on events,...

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